grace 2015

I am happy you are here ?

I believe you want to know a little about the one who writes Blogatica, right?

Well, my name is Grace. People online usually know me by the username graceac.

I am someone who is mostly quiet but a little obsessed about technology. I studied law school, then opened a business within IT when I was 18, then graduated at advertising and I am post graduating (master’s) on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School. But wait… I am skipping a whole lot of years!

It is possible to say I was an entrepreneur before I was even a girlfriend 🙂 It was only at 22 years old that I met Helder and fell in love with his voice before I fell in love with his entirely. Shortly later he became my husband. And one day after our wedding we left everything at the south of Brazil to live at the south of Denmark. What can I say?! We like southern places! 😉

But before I was an entrepreneur? Well, before I was a writer. I would write anywhere. My mom used to say I would write before I even knew how to write. I kept writing phrases on paper and after I would translate to her what they meant.

Imagine the wisdom of a 3 year old saying while pointing to a full page of weirdly curved language on a ruled paper notebook:

“Here mom, I wrote that I love you and daddy and the skies and the dog!”

So I guess it was meant to be that I would write. Writing is at the same level in my hierarchy of needs as breathing, eating and sleeping. While I don’t feel the pain immediately if I stopped [writing] as I would if I stopped any of the others… On the long run, it feels like dying a slow and painful death. The one of my soul.

So I better keep on writing ?

As I write this I carry more than the girl who writes, I carry the girl who can be who she wants to be. I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and feeling awesome. I let you know when “the girl who can be who she wants to be” arrives ❤️

My blogging history

I kept blogs before and the most enduring was Desabrochar (in English it means *to blossom*). I blogged there from about 18 until 24 years old. Before I had sweet grace, grace hits (what was that all about adding prefixes and suffixes to my name?!), a brief blogging experience about living at Denmark under, an intense blogging period blogging under about productivity and a joyful experience blogging about finding happiness at

And for the times in between and up until now I have been writing solely for MEO (My Eyes Only) weather by keeping a journal or writing morning pages.

But one day I noticed I would get bored about a subject easily if I would *only* write within that subject. I feel like life is more than just *one moment* so, as you read, have in mind I have the goal of not having a goal with Blogatica. What I mean is, this is not a blog where you find an editorial line or if you do know that it is not intentional. The intention is to let it grow free of rules, labels and boxes. Isn’t it what that song sings? ? Let it grow, let it grow… This blog is then intentionally wild 🙂

And I know now, that when I don’t let it run free, it suffocates. I get bored and stop coming up with new stuff. So you can find posts from smart living to reviews of apps to productivity tips to poetry to life reflection to recipes… And anything else in between. Else is the rule. And it rules! ?

Why Blogatica?!

The name Blogatica… ? Well, what a funny question! It is a neologism (obviously) and I created it after a long and boring research for a name that:

a) wasn’t already registered as .com
b) wasn’t already registered at social media
c) when written wasn’t aesthetically awful and
d) sounded cool!

I am not sure about the last one but all the previous ones were checked and I decided to stop procrastinating and go all in with this name.

And I am glad I did ?

By the way, you can also get here by typing (with or without www) if you find it easier to remember.


Hey, I know. It’s not cool to find typos. I am intentional about shipping texts often but I am certainly not intentional about any mistakes along the way. So please know I wish you the best reading experience I can possibly offer. This blog is not my source of living and I dedicate as much time and love I am able to. If you find anything wrong please do let me know. It is highly appreciated!